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Meet Dr. Lonnie Holmquist

“…the end of my migraine headaches forever.”

The Beginning of a New Career Path

Dr. Lonnie Holmquist

Dr. Lonnie Holmquist

While in college studying business, Dr. Lonnie Holmquist found himself suffering from debilitating migraine headaches. The headaches disrupted his daily life and made it extremely difficult for him to complete his studies and sit for his final exams.

“A friend of mine talked me into seeing her chiropractor. When he adjusted me, I couldn’t believe it – that was the end of my migraine headaches!”

Dr. Holmquist’s friend was studying chiropractic at the time and said she would be willing to adjust him. Growing up on a farm and nursing a childhood football injury, Dr. Holmquist asked her to adjust his back, too.

“It was the first time since I hurt my back in the eighth grade that I can remember it not hurting. I knew right then I needed to change my career path.”

Dr. Holmquist completed his chiropractic studies at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Life Outside the Office

“In my mid-fifties, I’m more active than most of my friends. I still play volleyball and softball regularly. In fact, many of my friends have dropped out of playing, and I now play with their kids! It’s chiropractic that keeps me going.”

Dr. Holmquist also participates in many events with the Chamber of Commerce and volunteers his time with the local Lions Club.

Dr. Holmquist loves helping patients regain their lives through chiropractic. His office has a wall of success stories to prove it. You can be next! Call us today at (651) 257-1232 to schedule your first visit.

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